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Smoke Detectors Save Lives

A Pine Mountain firefighter installs a smoke detector in a house in Pine Mountain. Firefighters have installed smoke detectors in a number of homes in Pine Mountain. The department used a Fire Safety & Education Grant to purchase enough smoke detectors for every residence in Pine Mountain

Studies have shown that most home fire deaths happen during the overnight hours between 10:00 pm and 6:00 am – when many people are sleeping. A smoke detector can save your life by waking you and giving you time to escape.

Smoke detectors come in a wide variety of models and price ranges. From simple, inexpensive battery-powered units to multi-powered units that not only sound an alarm, but also call alarm agencies or emergency services – all smoke detectors are designed to do one thing – alert you to the presence of smoke in your home.

When purchasing a smoke alarm, look for one that is accepted by an independent testing facility such as Underwriters Laboratories.

 The Pine Mountain Fire Department recommends the following:

• A smoke detector being installed on every level of your home.

• A smoke detector be installed outside every bedroom.

• Smoke detectors can be installed on the ceiling or on the wall. If it is installed on the wall, it should be 6 to 12 inches below the ceiling and away from air vents.

• Check the smoke detector batteries once a month by pressing the test button and replace the batteries when you change the time on your clocks in the spring and fall.

• Vacuum around the front and sides of the smoke detector periodically to keep it dust-free.

If you have a hard-wired smoke detector, make sure it has a battery back-up feature. If it does not, please give serious consideration to purchasing inexpensive battery-powered smoke detectors as they continue working during power outages.

Experts advise against installing a smoke detector in or near the kitchen as they are subject to sounding false alarms caused by cooking.


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